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Moving to new country is not easy, we know it because we relocated to Amsterdam from other countries as well. Now we want to change it with our Relocation as a Service and already we made all the process super easy and painless for several folks like you. Be the next one!

Relocate like a boss!

Hassle free relocation to Amsterdam. We help you with BSN, housing, opening bank account, finding best insurance provider and many more things. We do our best to simplify relocation process and make it seamless and painless for you and your employer.

Relocation as a Service

Housing & BSN
Most people struggle with finding an apartment in Amsterdam and getting the BSN, with our expertise we will make sure you quickly find your next home and get all necessary documents.
Insurance & GP
From the first day of arrival for your safety and also by law you need to purchase the insurance, we will help you to select the most suitable package for you and find the GP in your area.
Doesn't matter if you want to commute by public transport, rent a bike or lease a car, we can help you with anything. Just let us know about your preferences and what's your budget.
Banking is essential everywhere, we will make sure you get the best service.
If you still don have job we will find the best company you to work for.
Other services
Contact us for other services, such as school, accounting and etc.

Simple, transparent pricing.

For small fee avoid all pain of relocation.
Finding apartment
Checking rental contract
Assistance with obtaining a BSN
Opening a (dutch) bank account
Health insurance assistance
Transportation assistance
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For all family members:
Everything from Professional
Schooling assistance
Child related services
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